About Me

Growing up I wasn’t mindful about my health, nor did I live a healthy lifestyle. You could say I was simply oblivious to what good health even was.

Yet, as time went on I discovered that there was actually something I needed to do to help myself, as physically, mentally and emotionally I was feeling a mix of emotions – I wasn’t happy with myself, I was lethargic, felt fluffy, hungry with constant sweet cravings, I was also super lazy. I just ate what my mother fed me (which let me add is amazing food), but for the rest of the day I would eat 2 minute noodles, cereals, just more and more junk food – nothing nutritious. I drank alcohol quite a bit at social events and smoked excessively that it turned into such a bad habit… like really bad. I would smoke instead of eating proper food and I’d also accompany my smoke with a large coffee or V/ Red Bull. Oh and let me add – I have tried every fad diet known to exist… At one point I did the lemon and warm water diet only (I don’t even know what that was all about) and sadly there was a time where I tried to become belamic then anorexic, as I simply did not know what else I had to do to keep the weight off. I did excessive cardio (bunny) which helped but killed me. You can kind of now understand that I have a history of tormenting my body through, let’s just call it ‘major downs’, no ‘ups’, just downs. I was SO unhealthy.
To cut the story short, it was only until I told myself that I was going to stop drinking alcohol. I read up on it somewhere and it sounded like a good start for me. My friends thought I was silly, they assured me I looked good and fine, yet I didn’t feel like that. I felt tired, bloated all the time and I had zero self confidence, especially as I was nearly entering my late teens, so yeah boys were going to be on the radar haha.

I hope you can kind of understand that being healthy doesn’t come down to just ‘looks’, yet it impacts on how you ‘feel’ – mentally and emotionally.

I have been living a healthy and fit lifestyle for around five years now and over that time I have been continually growing, adapting and learning about myself and my bodies need, wants, strengths/weaknesses, bio-mechanics and unique differences (internally and externally). And I will forever keep growing and learning… whatever path you take, your ‘journey’ toward being a healthier you will be ongoing, as there’s never an end point unless you allow there to be.

OK so to briefly just touch on my background – I always thought I’d be working within design. From when I was 10 I wanted to be a fashion/ interior designer, architect then graphic designer. The graphic designer idea stuck as it led me to getting qualified, intern at magazines and start a degree in Visual Communication.

It was only after a year that I realised it was not for me and transferred to study and graduate with a Media and Communications degree. I did internships which then became employment (on two different occasions) in PR & Marketing agencies. In the time I was there I loved the idea of going to the city, grabbing a coffee and communicating with people via emails etc. It wasn’t long until I started to think about the gym – I was thinking of what movements and training I could focus on. Then to realise I was counting down the hours and minutes til I could leave to get home then go train in an environment of like-minded people. The sedentary life was not for me and I discovered that pretty quickly. Then, I moved onto working at a group fitness studio called F45 – focusing on group training. This is when my enjoyment and passion for work finally shone bright.

My passion grew me to become an advocate for making healthier choices from creating mindful and healthy habits for myself. I also believe you have to move the body well in order to perform better. Incorporating meditation and yoga has also allowed me to connect with myself mentally more, when to put my body to ease and rest if ever confronted with a stressful situation. I also learnt about my digestion issues, in which I would never have realised if it wasn’t for listening to my body, or learning about the body in general. Ultimately, an overall healthy and well rounded well-being is essential for a more positive and healthy life. Don’t get me wrong you’ll have slip ups here and there but at least you will become more conscious and mindful of your choices. Your behaviour and attitudes will overtime change to benefit you in the long term. You just truly need to want to help yourself and that a good change is for the better! It’s an overwhelming journey – I know that, hence my lengthy ‘about me’ – because I’ve been through it and it’s taken a while but I’ve finally become a better version of myself.