My Journey So Far To Fixing My Gut Issues

This is a long story, but a true and honest one, retelling my history of gut problems, the journey and all the trial and errors I went through to get me where I am today.

I never knew I had gut issues until I made the choice to become healthier. And let me tell you it’s been one hell of a journey trying to figure out what was causing all my symptoms. I had gas, constipation, migraines, eczema, cravings, I was getting severely depressed, and worst of all I just bloated like crazy after ANYTHING I ate. Even after drinking water. Everyone thought I was just making it up. They would tell me I looked great and it would go down. Deep down I knew it wasnt right and there was something wrong, but at a young age I had no idea how to go about it, or what think of it. I would get in huge arguments about it all with my parents, it was crazy to think how it made me feel. My stomach would protrude sooo big sometimes I just curled up in a ball and felt so sorry for myself that I couldn’t show myself. This was my reality for a long time.

What was my first step? I went to my GP as that’s the initial thought anyone would make when they aren’t feeling well. My doctor wanted me to get stool samples, which actually came back positive for Dientamoeba fragilis, which is a form parasite – causing the gastrointestinal to be upset. I thought this was the trigger! There was 2 ways of getting rid of it – naturally or with antibiotics. I didn’t want to ruin my gut lining more so I tried my best to eradicate it myself and further heal my gut with good bacteria, herbs and supplements. However when it had finally gone I realized it wasn’t the answer to my problems.

So I tried ATPs Gut Right cleanse, laxatives, low fodmap, cut out gluten and dairy plus all kinds of other foods .. I tried all fad diets and apple cider vinegar in the mornings. Believe me I’ve tried it ALL! Low fodmap didn’t seem to help either which lead me to eliminate more food choices then further just decrease my food intake altogether to the point of starvation. I didn’t want to eat anything so I wouldn’t bloat. I was getting severely depressed. I would compare myself to everyone… especially as I am so into my health and fitness it actually left me to feel as if my training and healthy changes over the years had been for nothing. I wasn’t changing so what was the point.

I was living to hide my bloat continually wearing baggy jumpers and lose clothing… I wore tight high rise pants and when I was younger I went through the stages of high rise undies to hold it all in. I was that embarrassed.

I then decided to have a colonic but still it didn’t do anything but empty my colon… I then decided to see a gastreonologist. He had got me to take breath tests, ultra sounds and xrays, stool tests and lots of blood work. Plus do a cleanse to eliminate all the poop out of me in case that was the answer. I had hope but then… everything came back negative. Of course! Lol. The frustration was real. What was wrong with me?! This is almost 2 years later. I gave up honestly. I would still research other doctors overseas in the United States and reach out to whom I thought may have an idea in how they could help me… but I knew online consulting wasn’t my thing so I decided against it in the end. At this point my parents thought I was crazy. They kept reassuring me I looked fine but ahhh I knew I didn’t feel or look it. I finally decided to see a naturopath whom after a few consults got me to take a urine and saliva test to test my pH levels/ stomach acidity. Tests came back stating my stomach acid was low that I did not break down any food, causing severe indigestion no matter what I ate. Hallelujah, was this the answer? I started changing my diet a little for her protocol, a few tweaks here and there but my supplementation was the most important, which included something for my gut flora and to support my stomach acid levels. Unfortunately the supplementation wasn’t working as well for me. In fact I tried a few brands but nothing seemed to help too much. But I didn’t lose hope… I was negative most of the time just because of my past experiences but I had to stay determined to help myself.

Til today it has taken me a while to truly find the right supplements/ foods to improve my gut health… but I did it on my own over the many months of trial and error. I completely eliminated dairy and gluten a month ago which was a great start to decrease and improve some symptoms eg, gas, some bloating, better sleep. I eat as clean as possible and foods I know work for me – again this was all found through trial and error. Typically I just went off how I felt afterwards and if I felt crappy then I would stay away. Everything at first seems like it doesn’t work for you but that’s why you need to pay close attention. It seems like a great deal but it’s short term struggles for long term success!

Only a week ago have I found the RIGHT supplementation that finally work for me. As I mentioned in my highlights I take Betaine HCL and a Digestive Enzyme which helps break down protein, carbs and fats, I take zinc, Vitamin D and a few other things to support my cortisol and immune health too. This was prescribed by my naturopath. All now help me after finding the right brand (stronger dosage) but it’s the enzymes and HCL that benefit me most, along with other protocols I follow to ensure a healthy gut. I no longer feel super bloated after meals I eat or just throughout the rest of the day. I feel lighter and that my body is finally absorbing nutrients and sustaining energy! I wake up feeling awesome! I feel I am progressing and that is most important to me. My health is my life! So yes, finding the right dosage took a freaking while and it all seems quite costly too, but the most effective and quality supps are worth it. Seeing specialists also aren’t cost friendly but HEALTH IS WEALTH!

And this all has finally lead to me give me the answer to my digestive problems. You can’t imagine how much better I am feeling overall today. Happier, healthier, regular, positive, motivated and energetic – I feel my overall wellbeing is in the best place it can be right now! đź’›

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