Strength Training – Is It For Me?

The fitness world is forever evolving, so how do you know what you want to do keep active? Or do you even want to train your body at all?
Firstly, once you have accepted you want to start moving your body and begin on your health kick journey, you will soon realise that training is more than the physical side of things. It comes down to mental, spiritual and emotional as well.
Fitness itself is known to be therapeutic to many individuals, which can be the main reason for some to train with a coach or personal trainer – and there is nothing wrong with that. If you find a sense of freedom, stress relief and/or self accomplishment then that is more than enough for some. Find your reason!
So let me tell you a little more about strength training itself and why I personally love it…
Simply put, when we train for strength we have to put our muscles in a position where it has to overcome resistance. When the resistance is high enough, the muscle will adapt. Your endurance increases, muscle grows and you burn fat. Strength training uses a variety of equipment and movements, to name a few: dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, barbells, balls, cables, sandbags, and even your body weight. If you can move and lift your body weight, this is where true strength comes from (as well as revealed).
When you lift weights against resistance, the following happens:
  • Muscle tone increases
  • Cardiovascular capacity increases
  • Flexibility increases
  • Chances of injury are reduced

So here are 8 reasons why you should choose to add strength into your daily routine.
1. To build muscle. Women in particular – you will not bulk up. In fact, you won’t even come to close to bulking up as it takes honestly many years to build a solid base of muscle mass. What will happen overtime is that you will lower body fat, have better energy, a smaller waistline and a more defined body from head to toe. You will gain confidence and feel lighter, and gain a true love for fuelling and moving your body for what makes it feel best.
2. To lose body fat. When there is more muscle on the body, you burn fat just sitting still. Muscle uses food and nutrients, making it a gigantic calorie burner. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn without even moving.
3. To build strong bones. Osteoporosis is real and we need a way to combat it. Well, that’s what strength training does. You will stress your bones and make them stronger. So when you fall down or slip up, the chances of breaking your bones goes way down.
4. To reduce anxiety, stress and depression. When you train your body releases endorphins that make you feel happier, more positive from the changes and implications it will make in your life!
5. To sleep better – a much better alternative to pills. Lifting spikes all the hormones your body loves and controls your adrenal glands. Your muscles will beg you to recover, making your sleep more effective.
6. To improve insulin sensitivity.
7. To improve good to bad cholesterol ratio. Yes, it helps. Blood pressure and heart health are improved with strength training. To build muscle you need oxygen. As you lift more, your body transports more oxygen. Your heart adapts and gets stronger and cholesterol  lowers.
8. To looked toned (and that you workout). More muscle = less fat on your body. Less fat on your body helps reveal more muscle. Which will you are no longer scared to take your shirt off in or get into that bikini.
And there you have it – there are so many reasons behind strength training, and that is why I love it. My body composition is forever evolving and getting stronger.

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