How Choosing to be Healthier Impacted Me.

When I compare myself to how I used to approach my overall health and well-being 5 years ago, I feel really proud. To say that eating well and fitness has changed my life would be an understatement. If I’m completely honest I actually feel only in the last couple of years I have got my health on track.

I will not only say this once, but probably a million times – your journey is an endless one. You will be forever growing, changing and evolving to suit your needs (and wants), but you will only realise this once you have started and are well on your way forward, to not only experience new things but face many challenges along the way.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my background I battle with a gut/ digestion issue which is still properly unresolved, all I know is is that I have low stomach acid and am using practitioner supplementation to assist me. It has been an ongoing issue with  but not one to notice when I was younger. I just thought I had to lose weight.

By taking a step into the right direction, trying to train my butt off and be as best as I knew at the time did not feel like it was helping. Overtime this got the better of me.

For me it has been a challenge to lose body fat as rapid as others, but it is also easier for me to gain body fat especially without the consistency of healthy habits. Overtime I had come to understand that all our bodies are different, so building a stronger mindset was essential. The right mindset is to just focus on yourself and not compare yourself and expect to be as lean, stronger, bigger or fitter than the girl or guy next to you because ultimately how our bodies may function or our genetics will set us up to respond differently.

So after doing my research and adopting healthier principles and habits I finally started to see changes over good time. Eating well and training go hand in hand – I love strength training, walking and practising yoga. Strength training has many benefits and it doesn’t at all mean lifting heavy weights or performing uncomfortable movements. I train with purpose and a variety that will still a challenge the mind and body for the better.
I started getting into fitness and health to help myself, that I began learning, studying and dedicating a lot of my free time to it and overtime it grew as a passion and love of mine. I committed myself to this ongoing process which has allowed me to continually want to better myself – to feel, look and move better along with the ups and downs/ mistakes I make along the way. Because that’s the only way you will truly learn about yourself.
I started to find some self confidence in myself.
To be more positive and hopeful.
I learnt discipline. I chose early morning gym sessions before class on days when I really didn’t feel like getting up.
I learnt dedication. I made small goals for myself and worked towards achieving them daily.
I learnt independence. I learned to depend on nobody but myself to do what I needed to do every day to get what I wanted.
But the biggest thing I have taken on from all of this is finding my purpose in life. This is who I am – this is my life calling; to educate and empower others to find happiness through making healthier choices to their everyday life. There is not better feeling than doing good for your mind, body and soul and be a better version of yourself.

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